I am sharing my heart with all of you who read this……

At Nerium International’s October conference, we were blessed to have John C. Maxwell as one of our guest speakers. He was absolutley amazing to say the least……..

I have been reading THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP written by him. Earlier today I had a rare moment to myself while Eric took the boys on a walk. I decide to grab my book and read the 11th law, The Law of The Inner Circle.. 

This law in essence led me to write this post. Don’t get me wrong all of the previous laws have been huge. But the Law of the Inner Circle coupled with the Law of Magnetism and Connection, have been influential for me.

I continue to experience and immerse in more and more layers of learning as I continue to work on myself through personal development, staying plugged in to the positivity of Nerium, and TRYING to stay open even when life tries to take me out.

The Law of the Inner Circle is all about surrounding yourself with other leaders. Lee Iacocca says that success comes not from what you know, but from who you know and how you present yourself to each of these people. That is a powerful statement. One in which I need to apply in my own life.

The Law of Magnetism says that we automatically attract people who are relatively similar to us…. If I want to attract other leaders on my Nerium International team, I must rise up and be a LEADER so that I will attract other leaders, as such, Eric and I will have a POWERFUL inner circle in our organization and we are continually looking for people who have a similar desire. We are looking for people to rise up and join us in being leaders, we are looking for those who have passion, desire, and are SICK and TIRED of settling for being mediocre in life and income.

2014 will come to an end. 2015 will come and as Jane Freres said, 2015 WILL BE OUR BEST YEAR EVER! For Eric and I, it isn’t because of Nerium but because of what God is doing for our family…..What God is going to do through us that will touch and impact other people.

When we stand up on stage one day at our Nerium International conference and tell OUR REAL STORY…… that will be the day that the 10’s of thousands are crying, and we will give GOD ALL the glory…..That will be the day when God is present and is moving in the hearts of everyone watching & listening.

If you are reading this, then it is by no accident for my wise husband always says, “there is a purpose and a reason for everything.” I have made myself vulnerable, why I don’t really know…… but here it is, what you do with it is up to you. For Eric and I, we will continue on the path God takes us, even when we don’t see the full picture or know what he has in store for us…..

Eric & Tanya K.

Dedicated to changing lives one person at a time.

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