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When I think of what it means to be a Nerium Brand Partner, I think of what Cecil Beaton, The Academy Award Winning Designer And Photographer once said, “Be daring, be different, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers….”

For a while there my husband and I had been talking about putting together a vision statement for ourselves and our Nerium business. When we started with Nerium, my husband wrote on our bathroom mirror,

“Lord I pray that today you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm. I can do all things through Christ.” This has been powerful to us day in and day out.

It happened that our church challenged us with a vision statement that aligned with the vision we had in our hearts for ourselves. It was time to put it on paper and did we ever.

My husband while talking to an awesome friend and Nerium Brand Partner in Canada happened to mention our vision for our team of Nerium Brand Partners. She was so moved that she challenged us to put it in our blog basically “share it with the world and invite other like-minded people to join and share in our vision”.

Before we share the vision statement we have for our Brand Partners, my husband and I need you to know this:

As obvious as it is, you have to realize and know that you do not grow during the easy times but the difficult times. As a new Nerium Brand Partner you will stumble and fall, but when you do you get back up. As long as you get back up you are always falling forward.

You will get up and keep going because your focus is clear, your vision and mission are clear. Keep doing and engaging in the Nerium system, follow it, become a student and absolutely DO NOT, AGAIN, DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE!!!! This is the worst thing people do and a huge killer of dreams.

That person who is successful and the one you may be tempted to compare yourself to and envy, who has their iPad, or Lexus, $50,000 bonus, probably had to go through thick and thin to get to where they are.

Realize when you become a Brand Partner you will dream of the cars, the vacations, the money all these things which are all great and dandy, however to get to those things you will have to engage yourself to work hard and work smart.

You do that everyday raising kids, going to a job, in relationships etc., why should it be any different for YOUR BUSINESS? The person you are envying had a goal, a vision that they decided on. They mandated that no family, no friend or circumstance was going to deter them from achieving what they had set out to do.

To accomplish and realize your goals you will need to follow the system of your business. You did not make an investment into a hobby but a life changing business so treat it as such. Don’t forget, hobbies COST you money. Your Nerium business WILL EARN you an opportunity to be a better version of yourself, time, freedom and money.

You will work more in the beginning but remember Rome was not built in a day, but after it was built it was magnificent, so shall your business. Athletes don’t train for a day to become world champions it takes a course of time. You don’t run a marathon like a sprint you will never finish the race.

Realize, you will mess up, you will get a lot of no’s, you will get disappointments it will definitely be an emotional roller coaster and how you re-adjust will determine what kind of a leader you will be to and for your team.

So, this said and knowing you are ready,

FROM my husband and I to you here is OUR vision for the team (thank you Helena for the challenge):

“We will partner with like-minded people who will share in one purpose, one goal and one mindset. We TRUST, have FAITH and will DAILY pray that God will move mountains for our team and will do the rest of what is noted on this vision statement. Individuals who join us will join us knowing that they WILL BE supported and trained to succeed. They need to be coachable in their first 30 days in order to succeed. If all our team members, work towards the goal of personal and financial freedom, they will not lack, go hungry, go broke or not succeed. We are creating a team of go-getters, a team of successful business men and women who understand leaders have a servant attitude and mentality. That they will be leaders, fueled by love and understanding with a HEART FOR people, to share and create long lasting relationships. Each of our team members by faith will have their lives expanded, their outlook of success and growth will grow leaps and bounds beyond their dreams. Expect your territory to be expanded only limited by your imagination. Realize Nerium’s products sell themselves and our team will and should understand this. Meaning our team will be composed of extraordinary individuals who will undeniably create Nerium ripples and subsequently WILL lead a team of extra ordinary people. Our team WILL all fast start qualify in 30 days because under all circumstances literally NO ONE having put in the work, who follows the Nerium rhythm and trainings SHOULD be left behind. We are here to succeed as ONE, we are here to change lives as ONE, we are here to be vessels of change as ONE. In this team there are no I’s but WE.”

This is our vision!!!

Are you in?

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Tanya and Eric K.


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