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Our StoryOur story began in the summer of 2001. At the time, Eric and Tanya were both in college. Tanya was working as a server. It was during one of her night shifts, when she was just about to leave, when this guy and her good friend from high school’s sister walked in.

Well, the guy was Eric and talk of an impression he made. He lavished on Tanya by proceeding to tell her how beautiful she was and on and on he went not caring one bit for who was around. This is when Tanya learned that Eric was an international student from Kenya. They both connected and a few days later he called Tanya’s work to get her number. Now she initially did not return his calls….

Yeah that’s right, she played hard to get. Eric would not give up he was persistent and it was on one of these occasions that he let her know he was leaving for Kenya. That was all Tanya needed to hear, she finally returned his call.

Eric and Tanya continued dating for 6 years.

After Tanya graduated from college, we got married! A few years later and after a few miscarriages, Elijah was born! 15 months and 26 days later, (even though the doctors said that it would be another miscarriage) our second son Jayden was born.

Tanya never realized how much her heart would break having to put Elijah in day care when she returned back to work. She was a complete mess the first week. She worked as an Elementary School Teacher 45 minutes from home and it took an extra 15 minutes to take Elijah to day care. Her heart wanted to be with her son, but she had to work. By the end of the day she was so exhausted and so was Elijah, that there was not much quality time happening. Eric also had long hours and it was then that we both decided that plan B was needed which would allow financial and time freedom.

Then the blessing, Nerium International entered our lives thanks to Tanya’s aunt. Eric and Tanya had never done anything like this and just by looking at the compensation plan, products and company vision we went ALL IN.

Never did it cross our minds that after 7 years as an Elementary School Teacher Tanya would retire to be a stay at home mom. We are now proud to say that we are network-marketing professionals. Tanya is home with our boys and has time to work the Nerium business around their schedule!

Eric & I are passionate about helping others who just like us want more out of life. Visit our blog to find inspirational articles. We hope it adds value to you.

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 Eric & Tanya K.

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