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Road Map to Lexus Your Nerium Compensation Plan and Much More

Hello and welcome to our blog. We are Eric & Tanya K.

Our compensation plan pays bottom line. It is revolutionary, and many hours were put in to making it the very best! You are probably wondering how you get paid.

Purpose is to be informed. I have made sure to jam pack this post with information for the purpose of helping you to really understand how to build a successful Nerium business.

Questions I get asked:

  1. “If I do well, am I just making my sponsor rich?”
  2. “Isn’t this kinda like one of those pyramid schemes?”
  3. “How can I make the most money with it?”

And so on.


  1. No you don’t just make your sponsor rich. In fact you can out rank them.
  2. No it is not a pyramid scheme, they are illegal. Now that I am informed, let me explain. Corporate America is more like a pyramid scheme. Think about it. You have the CEO, CFO, Management, Middle Management, Employees. All of which have a glass ceiling to how much you can earn in each of those positions. Nerium International – EVERYONE starts at the bottome and EVERYONE has the exact same ability to go all the way to the top. There is NO glass ceiling.
  3. By following our easy system.

Step 1. Partner with Nerium International as an Independent Brand Partner (BP). Yes I am a partner with the company and so are you once you make the decision.

Step 2. Choose a success pack. $500 or $1,000Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 9.07.52 PM

Step 3. Enroll in the auto delivery order (ADO) program. With a minimum of $80/month.

FREE. Sponsor and maintain 3 Preferred Customers (PC) and you receive credits up to $240 for FREE product! Yes FREE. It’s called 3URFREE!

Nerium Gives Back Program. Another industry first. This is our FREE inventory program. With each new PC & BP you receive a FREE bottle of NeriumAD.

13 different ways. Yes you saw that correct, there are 13 different ways to earn a very lucrative income with Nerium International. To keep it very simple, all you need to focus on in the beginning is the Road Map to Lexus. Your team will help you receive your Lexus bonus and then you help your team earn theirs.

Team work. Everyone working together to help everyone earn their Lexus car BONUS!!!

Bonuses. There are bonuses set up along the way to help all Nerium International Independent Brand Partners work towards goals. If you are ready for more information click here to contact us.

My video overview below.

Fast Start Qualify Bonus. First 30 day goal…..Share with your friends and family the Nerium vision, if 3 people see the vision too and want to join you, you FSQ – earns you an additional $100.00 bonus in addition commissions paid for the new team members.

iPad Bonus. 60 day goal…..Help your 3 new team members get their 3 new team member’s and have a volume of $4,500 and you earn your iPad bonus!

Road Map to Lexus. Help your 3 new team members receive their iPad and you qualify for your Lexus… Yeah it really is that easy. That’s it. It takes $12,500 each month to be Lexus bonus qualified.. Yeah that really isn’t a whole lot.

Live Better Bonuses. Our bonuses begin at $50,000 and go up to $1,500,000. And yes we have people who have earned every single one of these bonuses!!! You know what, so will you if you want it bad enough.


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 9.09.34 PM

Watch this more in depth compensation plan below.

Our 90 day gallery. We encourage everyone to take their before and after pics! Click to check out our 90 day gallery of REAL people and REAL 90 day results.

The Question Remains… Now that you are informed, what will you do with the information? Click to team up with us.

Eric & Tanya K.

Dedicated to changing lives one person at a time.

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