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We get asked a lot if Nerium is a scam, or people comment and say isn’t that just another pyramid scheme?

Here is our honest Nerium Review.

Nerium International. Everything rises and falls on leadership. This company began in Irvine California with only 26 people. 26 that is it. It was in September of 2011 a room with 26 people. Can you picture it? Jeff Olson his daughter, Amber Olson-Rourke, and 24 other people.

12/2012-NERIUM CORP SHOTSLeadership. As I mentioned above everything and I mean everything rises and falls on leadership. Here at Nerium International, we have over 220 years of combined experience. Jeff Olson is our founder and CEO and is the author of the best selling book The Slight Edge. This book has nothing to do with Nerium. It is all about how to live your life. How to do the how’s in life.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Written by John C. Maxwell. This is one I recently read. It is all about growing as a leader. How to grow into the leader you want to become. A few of the laws that stuck out to me are: The Law of Respect, Connection and Magnetism.

The Law of Respect. Jeff Olson has the respect of EVERYONE in the Direct Sales Industry. Has been asked to speak at the annual meeting for the past 15 years. The biggest reason that Jeff Olson and the Biotechnology Company partnered was because of this Law.

The Law of Connection. Human beings must connect. Going into a job interview, you need to connect with the interviewer or the interviewee. Life is all about connecting. Jeff Olson connected with the biotech company first. That obviously meant hours spent talking learning about each person in the group.

The Law of Magnetism. This is pretty self-explanatory. We draw people to us based on the kind of person we are. If we are weak we attract others who are weak. If we are a leader, we attract other leaders. Jeff Olson absolutely surrounds himself with successful people and is very successful too. As such every-where he goes he is a magnet for those kinds of people.

Top Leaders. Those core 26 people who began Nerium in September 2011, were those who were the best of the best. Jeff Olson attracts those people. It has been a RIPPLE effect ever since. We Brand Partner’s continue to be a magnet for people who are loving, caring, who are leaders, or simply are open to growing into a better version of themselves.

What is it about this company? Our vision is one of “Making People Better” We attract people who desire more from life and quite honestly repel the ones who don’t. We have 10 core values that aren’t hype, but values that encompass everything about this company. As Nerium Brand Partner’s, we embrace them 100%, the ones who don’t; don’t survive in our company.

Record Breaking Growth. We are growing at a very rapid pace! We are in massive momentum right now. We haven’t even reached 2% exposure here in the US. Chances are your next-door neighbor, your family, your friends, haven’t even heard of Nerium International YET.

Ground Floor Opportunity. People are seeing our vision and they are jumping in feet first. Quite honestly the facts don’t lie. We have broken EVERY record in the Direct Sales Industry. Yes that’s right no other company has ever done what we have done.

2012. 1 product, NeriumAD Night Cream. Made $100 million. Earned #86 in the Direct Selling News’ (DSN) top 100 companies!

2013. $212 million. Yes we more than doubled what we made in the first year. Came out with our second product NeriumAD Day Cream. Earned #54 on the DSN’s list

2014. Over $400 million. Yes we did it again. We more than doubled what we made in our second year. Launched NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream. Launched Optimera, the international anti-aging product line! Began our global expansion. All of North America officially opened this year.

5 Years. A billion dollar company.

Perspective. To put it into perspective for you, It took MICROSOFT 9 YEARS to make what Nerium International made in one full year…..

Growing Industry: Beauty is everywhere. The first thing you see when you walk into any department store is…….Beauty. It get’s better, the anti-aging industry is projected to be a $1 Trillion industry by 2025.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.09.59 PMHow was NeriumAD discovered? It was by accident. Nerium Biotech was researching the Nerium Oleander plant looking for a cure for skin cancer, when out of the blue they made an accidental discovery. Yep the birth of NeriumAD!!!!

Obviously the products work. Even with amazing leadership and a ground floor opportunity we wouldn’t have broken EVERY single record in the industry if our products didn’t work. Third party clinical trials were done by ST&T. They had to recalibrate the computer facial scanning equipment 3 different times. They thought their maST&Tchines were off because of how amazing the results were. In 30 days every single person in the clinical trials saw a 10% to a 67% reduction in deep lines, fine lines and emerging lines. All other anti-aging products give a 2%-5% reduction.

REAL Science: This may or may not get thrown around a lot but here at Nerium, we Nerium Brand Partners are proud to say; Nerium International is backed by real science. Not only that, we provide anyone who wants it with all of the documentation.

Skeptics ARE welcome. Most of us were. Some of us refused to EVEN use this product. Still many people refuse to use it. That’s okay Nerium isn’t for everyone. CLICK HERE to check out our 90 day gallery of REAL people and REAL 90 day results.

Patent: We are the ONLY skin-care company to have a patent on an a anti-aging product. That in itself is huge…. We hold the patent of the Nerium Oleander plant from seed to extraction, to bottle. No other future competitors can recreate our products.

Partners. All of the Nerium Brand Partners are actually partners with the Nerium Biotech company. Yes Partners with……We give 30% of the profit back so they can continue to research a cure for skin cancer.

The Perks of being a Nerium Brand Partner. There are many. But first, we need you to understand something.

Success is a Mindset: Eric and I aren’t going to let other people dictate our future. We have embraced a set of disciplines that are easy to do, and easy not to do. What does that mean? We show up to our business. We don’t take NO’s as failure but as an opportunity for growth. We have a burning desire. We know where we are going. We are attracting the same kind of people into our organization.

The Nerium System:  We teach, and model the Nerium System to all the people we sponsor. Expectations for joining us: Be coachable, be willing to grow, Stay plugged in to the weekly calls and trainings. The biggest of all, don’t give up when the going gets tough. We get the opportunity to change lives! Click Here to see our team vision.

Unlimited Free Inventory: Okay this is HUGE, as a Brand Partner, we get FREE inventory. How? Each new team member or customer = A Free Bottle of NeriumAD!

Compensation Plan: 13 different ways to earn a paycheck. This is in addition to FREE inventory. Click Here to learn more.

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  1. Finally someone that is not just trying to cram something down someones throat. Thanks for the very informative read. I look forward to joining you on the top soon.

    1. Hi Chris,

      LOL I had to laugh at your comment. I am glad you enjoyed it and got something from it. That is what I do, write what is on my mind and hope to touch people’s lives in the process.

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