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You wondering what Nerium Oleander Reviews has to do with A field of dreams. Bear with me, you will soon find out.

If I started this entry by boldly stating, “The Nerium Biotechnology’s Nerium Oleander farm is a field of dreams,” what would you say?

Well, for starters going around the internet you will read so many things that talk about the Nerium Oleander Reviews in relation to the plant. You will see and hear the extreme negatives to the heart warming positives.

Now if this irks you I make no apologies. Read on as you will see why I make such a statement. I am amazed how the stories of people who have had their lives turned around and changed by the Nerium Ripple, originate from a product that came from this field.

Listen, I am not here to argue and go bouts about the Nerium Oleander Reviews. I understand that everyone has their opinion and facts. All I know is that in all of this good and bad, there is a constant reminder that there will always be people who will never be happy for you. You are where you need to be and they are not.

These people unfortunately could be our families and close friends. It is interesting how I hear time and again that I shared an idea with a friend or family member and they shot it down. Flip this to being sick and your friends and family will rally around you like nobody’s business.

Why is it that people cannot seem to allow others to cultivate their field of dreams but will help you cultivate hope and strength in times of sickness and weakness?

The other day we were taking a walk and we walked by this brand new development of homes. We noticed that the development though it only has a couple of homes, and the others are only framed, had a newly installed cedar fence around the perimeter of it, fresh bark dust that reminded you with its smell that spring was here.

I could not help but also notice the beautiful flowers and plants that were evenly placed and spaced, quite an attraction to the eyes. From our viewpoint all you wanted to do was go into the development to see more.

From the outside you could not help but just see beauty that was drawing you in. We saw car after car slow down to take a look, I realized that many were slowing for the same reason…..Dreams.

There is a reason why we see flashy cars or window shop for things we cannot afford. It is because they give us an opportunity to dream and think of what could be but cannot be.

If you really think about it, what is the first thing that crosses your mind after you see these things?

That’s right, I CANNOT AFFORD IT!!

Why not?

Why can’t you afford it?

Why are we limited by what we just see and assume we cannot afford such things?

You see, being conditioned in our current circumstances leads us to not be able to see or imagine the possibilities. Our dreams are precious and we should be able to go after them at any cost.

This accidental discovery brought into so many peoples lives the opportunity to be able to dream and guess what? Many of the dreamers are now able to achieve and dream even bigger. They realized that there was a different way to achieve these dreams.

It was not by pushy tactics or by shoving products down peoples throats, NO. It was in essence sharing a product that actually WORKS. That is backed by Science. Yes Science and proven results.

These people were hungry and because of their hunger they catapulted themselves and Nerium International to break all sorts of records in the network marketing industry and the skin care industry.

How is this possible and where is the proof?

Look at how many iPads have been earned, not enough to convince you?

Then look at how many Lexus vehicles have been earned, still not enough?

Why not take a look at how many people are out of debt, not enough yet?

Ask yourself, if this is not enough what is?

Many have earned these along with Live Better Bonuses all the way to 7 figures.

Many have experienced a revolution in their lives not just by being able to achieve goals that could have otherwise not been attainable but by the mere reason that the Nerium Oleander plant brought their dreams to reality.

This may sound like mumbo jumbo to you, but think about it. It takes one incident, it takes one moment, it takes a desire, a fire, for someone to say enough is enough I want, I need something different. I cannot sleep, I cannot stop thinking of my dreams.

I need to achieve it, I will achieve it, I have achieved it. If you think like this, wow what can stop you, who can stop you. “Build it and they will come” (rephrased from the movie Field of Dreams) sound familiar?

You see, the world wants to know, the world needs to hear you dream. NeriumAD was an accidental discovery that has revolutionized skin care and the network marketing arena. What can your dreams do? Be the cure for cancer? Be the next great musician? Be the next……. You are able and capable the only person stopping you is ……. YOU.

Excuses, reasons not to, postponing, discouragement, your past all these things are the dream crashers. They lead to one question….

What is your dream and what if, what if, what if you are meant to change the world?

You are a field full of dreams, don’t you think its time you took the next step?

If you answered YES!!

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Tanya K.

“Burned out Elementary Teacher turns Nerium into her dream, of working from home…..” That is right. I am excited to share Nerium's ripple creating opportunity to potential Brand Partners and amazing breakthrough products to potential clients. I welcome you to a new beginning and cheers to looking 10 years younger.