Impossible Or I’M-Possible?

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

—Audrey Hepburn

The question posed on the subject line, may create many more questions and may bring curiosity to the mind. You may be asking what is this about and am I impossible or I’m-possible.

You see, my husband and I have had to have a mental reality check…seriously. This may sound as some sort of mumbo jumbo but if you are open to bearing with me, you will find out why.

We have realized that with our business, family life, social, and spiritual life the one factor that plays an enormous part of any decision, feeling, emotion, or reaction for that matter of fact is our mind. What we perceive as possible in our mind, what we speak, refreshes us even if it doesn’t come to pass.

On the other hand negative things in our minds when professed deter us from good, produces rotten fruit, and clouds our hearts with feelings of failure. Remember that these kind of thoughts, though they have no effect at the present moment done over time will compound to lost dreams, lost aspirations and loss to so much more.

Think about this, “There are millions of people who BELIEVE themselves ‘doomed’ to poverty and failure, because of some strange force over which they BELIEVE they have no control. They are the creators of their own ‘misfortunes,’ because of this negative BELIEF, which is picked up by the subconscious mind, and translated into its physical equivalent.” Excerpt From: Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Now that statement is deep and can turn people off which in all actuality it should. Think about when you were growing up and the times you may have been picked on by others. What part of the body was “bruised” the most? When you did not meet the approval of family or friends what part of the body was “bruised” the most?

What about when you did not pass a test, or failed a class? What about when you had a dream that you shared with family or friends and they laughed or talked you down? What part of the body was “bruised” the most?

Don’t forget about the day that girl or that guy you like struck down your date proposal, and all these negative thoughts went through the part of the body that was “bruised” the most.

What about when people called you names or sneered at how you looked, where you were from, abused and condenscendingly compared you to someone else who was “better” than you.

Or that boss who said or says that you will never make it or be more than you are or go anywhere?

Ohhh what about those decisions you have been putting off or things you do not want to confront.

I could go on and on with examples that hit home.

I ask this not to be annoying but to show you that your MIND is a playground a manufacturing ground of all that happened to you yesterday, today and will happen to you tomorrow.

When things don’t work out the first thing that comes to our mind, to our mouths, and spoken by the tongue is how unfortunate we are, how we have had bad luck, how we are failures, how we are subpar, how we are not beautiful, how we are broke, etc.

Your mind should be set on ONE THING and one thing only. The belief that YOU CAN BE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE more than what you have been defined to be. Its not going to be over night but remembering that the word IMPOSSIBLE does not exist in your life, is a starting point.

Hey, I hate thinking of being a part of any statistic that considers me in the group of failures… I absolutely refuse it. There have so many people in the past who have shown us what can happen when WE MAKE UP OUR MINDS to do that which is different from what others say or do.

We are so passionate to fight for what is right in society and forget to fight for what is right for us. If you dreamed of being a singer and someone told you you could not sing and so you stopped look at the mirror and say I AM a singer.

If you were told you will never look skinny because you have always been over weight. Well look MAKE UP YOUR MIND to look at the mirror and every morning and evening say that I AM skinny and I will choose to make the right eating choices.

You were turned down for a job interview, that’s okay too. MAKE UP YOUR MIND to look at the mirror everyday. Profess that I AM employed and say what job it is you want.

The possibilities are endless to what you can do when you MAKE UP YOUR MIND and start saying I AM ……. All the negative stuff is just distractions and disruptions that deter you from being who you are supposed and meant to be. Remember IMPOSSIBLE is actually I’M POSSIBLE.

So are you going to let your mind be doomed and become a statistical Johnny come lately going nowhere person, or are you going to choose I AM POSSIBLE…… this path taken one step at a time will lead you to freedom that is beyond your dreams.

Tanya K.




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