As Eric & I have found success, it hasn’t come easy. It has come at a price. The price we have paid has far outweighed any other journey I would ever choose to go down.

Peeling back the layers, upon layers, upon layers of the story we told ourselves has been the most challenging part to finding success. This journey has been largely just realizing that in order to succeed, we must take off the limits of the story we tell ourselves each and every day. Realizing there doesn’t have to be limitations to what we can accomplish.

I can personally say that I have grown more in the past two years then I have in all my previous 30 or so years…..What started this journey of growth? Nerium….. Yes Nerium….But if I want to get really honest about it. I desired more from my life before Nerium, I just wasn’t equipped with the tools or knowledge of knowing how to be more, how to have more. I don’t mean have more in terms of money either. Just have more, more opportunities, just more from life…..

Then Nerium walked in and part of the commitment when becoming a partner with Nerium, is to become a better version of yourself. This is when I discovered, personal development. It was an entirely new concept to me. I realize now how much people in this world need personal development. I realize too, how many people just like me have no idea what this really means, or how it can positively change the course of their lives once this journey begins. I find myself questioning why personal development isn’t really talked about much in our society. We just go around living our lives, but are we really happy? I don’t know about you, but before personal development entered my life, I found myself wondering if this is all there is.

I am excited to say that I once wanted more, desired more. But again it had to be a burning desire because it would have been easier for me to have given up.

For those of you who don’t know me, there is one thing you need to know.


Your talking about the girl, the same girl who taught herself how to ride a 2-wheel bike because her mom was too busy to help her. Let me take you back to a day in the life of Tanya.

It was a Saturday morning, my dad had just left for work (he was a truck driver). While he had been home he had worked with me on learning to ride my bike. Once he left, I wanted to continue to practice and so I asked my mom to help me. She was too busy and told me to wait. So being the determined girl I was and still am today, I decided I would just do it myself…. And that I did.

Yes I taught myself how to ride a 2-wheel bike.

Did I fall? YES. Did I quit? NO.

I got back up over and over and over again because I had a burning desire. I wanted to learn how to ride my bike and I was determined to keep going until I learned. It didn’t matter how many times I fell, or how bruised I became. I new the end goal and I wasn’t going to stop until I succeeded.

Did I learn to ride my bike? YES. It didn’t take me two weeks, one week, or even two days. I got back up over and over and over again that day until I learned to balance.

As I grew up, I lost that part of me. She slowly left, I was still determined, but it was more in wanting my own way. Being right. But not going after what I really wanted. I lost the oomph. I lost that determination. It wasn’t until my first son was born that, that same determination I had as a young girl came back. That is when I knew that there had to be more. That was when I began looking, searching for a new direction. I was at a fork in the rode. I knew which way I wanted to go but had no vehicle to take me there.

In the midst of all this, I found my vehicle and my purpose.

Tanya K.


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Tanya K.

“Burned out Elementary Teacher turns Nerium into her dream, of working from home…..” That is right. I am excited to share Nerium's ripple creating opportunity to potential Brand Partners and amazing breakthrough products to potential clients. I welcome you to a new beginning and cheers to looking 10 years younger.