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Nerium launched in September of 2011, broke every record and continues to do so. We have an amazing culture and Jeff Olson built this company with three words ‘make people better‘ I am proof of these three words. Nerium will truly change you from the inside out!

We began our Global Expansion into Canada and then Mexico in 2014. We continue to grow as a company! Our next stop is South Korea. This is the first country to have the Nerium products outside of North America!!! Many people are excited at this new opportunity to change lives. Click to pre-enroll

The Nerium products in South Korea will be our Opitmera skincare line which now has a new ingredient SIG-1273. It is just two products that address all the signs of aging. With the addition of this ingredient, Nerium offers the best products backed by some amazing science. SIG-1273 comes to us after 20 years of research in the labs of Princeton University, by Dr. Jeffry Stock.

Each country Nerium goes to, is done world-class. I think that is a huge reason why we have been so successful in Canada and Mexico. Our culture is unlike any other. We do things right, we slow down to go fast! Each country we expand to has it’s own Manager. BJ Choi is Nerium’s General Manager for South Korea.

Another reason we are so attractive as a company, is anybody can do it. You don’t have to be a professional network marketer. We have incentives and bonuses that people can earn fairly easily. For example in Mexico we already have over 240 Audi earners.

We really do get to have it all here at Nerium!!!

As always, we have events in South Korea, those that know about it have already pre-registered causing them to be sold out. Another exciting announcement, Pre-registration has begun for South Koreans. The official opening happening at the end of June. Click to learn more.

Tanya K.

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Tanya K.

“Burned out Elementary Teacher turns Nerium into her dream, of working from home…..” That is right. I am excited to share Nerium's ripple creating opportunity to potential Brand Partners and amazing breakthrough products to potential clients. I welcome you to a new beginning and cheers to looking 10 years younger.