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I was at the local Starbucks the other day. We were out of coffee at home and I needed my morning cup of Joe…..

While in the long, long, long line, I began to regret why I decided to get a coffee. I was already running a bit behind schedule, which is pretty normal for me now days since I have two little kids in tow.

But, I had a gift card and figured I might as well use it….

I ordered my Mocha Frappuccino (my favorite drink) and I continued to wait……

FINALLY about 15 minutes later, I arrived at the window!

The lady said hi to me as usual. But what she said next shocked me. She went on to say that the person in front of me paid for my coffee…… It took me a moment to process what she said. I have never had anyone do something like that for me. Granted it was only $3.75 but still someone PAID for my coffee. A stranger PAID for my coffee.

She said that one person had begun the “paying it forward” and every person in the drive thru since had continued it.

So of course I paid for the car behind me!!!! I am not going to lie, that made my day! I immediately called Eric (my hubby) to tell him all about it!

We hear about people doing small things like this all the time, but how often have we taken the initiative to go out of our way to create a ripple in someone else’s life.

In a stranger’s life? Eric & I continue to look for ways to impact others in our every day life.

I am learning to slow down. Ask people how they are doing…..not just to ask but sincerely asking people how they are.

It only takes a gesture so small to make an impact in someone’s day. It could be….

A smile.

Saying thank you.

Or, I appreciate you.

Asking them what their name is.

Or, be blessed.

Taking a moment to think about someone else other than ourselves and how late we are or how tired we are is important.

Each and every one of us on this planet has the significant ability to impact other people.

What would our world look like if more of us realized this and began to take an interest in others? Began to make connections. Began to really treat others the way we would like to be treated?

A whole lot of ripples……..that is for sure……..

I hope this has you thinking. Leave a comment below if you can relate.

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Tanya K.

Dedicated to changing lives one person at a time.