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Yep….I’m Back……

For those of you who are new to my blog…..WELCOME – Please make yourself at home!!!

It’s been a long time since I have blogged. The other day I shared our blog with a friend of mine, put myself out there and became vulnerable. It’s one thing to have all of you on the internet who I don’t know read my blog, but it’s a whole other thing when it’s someone you know.

So I figured, if I am sharing this with her, I better go back and actually re-read some of my entries. WOW. Some of them, I ask myself, ‘how’d you manage to write that?’

I went on to share with my friend that I actually really never enjoyed writing. As a school teacher I obviously had to teach writing, I never enjoyed teaching the subject much. Again it was just another area in my life where I lacked confidence in my ability to write. Naturally, where you don’t have confidence, you choose not to do it.

BUT…. Eric and I created a blog. With a blog comes the need to write. Right…..

And….I have written A LOT since we have created this blog A LOT….Some of those entries are no longer published.

BUT….I lost my desire to write this past 5 or so months for reasons I don’t feel comfortable sharing. However, I am inspired to write again. Thank you to my dear dear friend who encouraged me to keep writing, for your kind words are the kick in the butt I needed. Coupled with going back and reading my past posts, my husband who kindly prompts me to write and to those of you who are following me.

As I mentioned, I went back and read a few posts mainly my last two… Settling and Limitations and the Settling entry is what caused me to tear up. For Eric and I truly have been on a journey of Epic Faith. Learning to take the limits off or our lives. Learning that ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING.

Life for everyone is a journey. What we do with it – is our choice. How we live this life – is our choice. Everyday we have choices to make. Everyday.

So much of my life has been so self absorbed. So wrapped up in myself that I really had no thoughts or desires to encourage, support and love other’s… As our journey of growth over the past 2 years has continued, Eric & I are less absorbed with ourselves and more interested in finding ways we can inspire, love, help others. To bring about change in the minds of individual people. To bring about change in the way people do business. To bring change in the way we treat others. To bring change to those who are hungry for more.

Through my stories, I truly hope it stirs some emotions in your heart. It brings about the beginning of change in your life. And in turn you will begin your own journey of taking the limits off of your life.

Thank you for stopping by,

Eric & Tanya K.


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Tanya K.

“Burned out Elementary Teacher turns Nerium into her dream, of working from home…..” That is right. I am excited to share Nerium's ripple creating opportunity to potential Brand Partners and amazing breakthrough products to potential clients. I welcome you to a new beginning and cheers to looking 10 years younger.

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  1. I love to see challenges overcame by doing. You are a loved child of God. Thank you for your obedience and persistence. God is good. You and Eric have spoken those promises and are now living in them, but just the beginning of them! He’s not done with you yet!

    1. Thank You Theresa! Yes the only way to overcome challenges is to keep doing, keep speaking as if you have already received and keep putting the word of God first! Thank you for your kind words.

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