Recipe For Success

Recipe For Success

How to bring change to your life. This is all about how to be successful in life. Not just with Nerium, it’s in anything you want to achieve.

This can be your year. You can choose to take action. You can choose to succeed. You can choose to be consistent. You can choose to stick to your goals, no matter what.

The alternative? Living the same old life. Your life might be perfect; I don’t know you. Also, your life could use some improving. I am sharing some tips from amazing leaders. What you do with it is up to you.

Draw your line in the sand. Let 2015 be your year. Let it be the year you choose to take action. Let it be the year to choose to succeed. Let it be the year where you make a commitment and you stick to it…………NO MATTER WHAT……….

New Year’s Resolution. At the beginning of the year everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolution….. You know what, they don’t work. If you truly want a change in your life, keep reading. I am about to give you the best advice ever. I am about to give you the recipe for success.

Anything in life worth having has to be taken seriously and planned. Get ready to follow these 6 steps to set goals for yourself. Yes I said goal setting.

This may me hard for you; it may be easy for you. What I am about to tell you is very powerful so get ready……..

Forget about 2014. Forget about what you didn’t do that you wanted to. Forget it. Move on. Choose a different path. What you do with what has happened to you in the past is your choice. Often times we let what has happened in the past define us. We let it have TOO much power in our lives.

What I am saying isn’t easy. I know. I have been there. You just need to let it go. Let it stop dictating your present and future. Let it go.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. A book that really helped me understand how to do the HOWS is called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. It has nothing to do with Nerium. It has everything to do with how to be successful. If you become a Brand Partner the good news is it will come in your kit. If you don’t become a BP….You need to go and buy this book….

6 Simple Steps for the Life You’ve Always Wanted

  • The key to success. Your goal must be VERY CLEAR. It needs to be in present tense. You need to read it every day. Yes EVERY day, read it as if it has already happened. This explains The Law of Attraction a book I have been reading called The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. It’s a great book
  •  Create a time element. You need to know when you want to achieve your goal. I suggest you do a one-year goal.
  •  It needs to be very specific. You must have a very THOROUGH plan. While creating your goals, ask yourself these 3 questions:
    • Where do you want to BE
    • What do you want to HAVE
    • What do you want to DO
  • Some important advice:
    • If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail……
    • Never compare yourself to anyone else but yourself.
    • Chunk your large one-year goal into monthly goals this way you have a starting point. A foundation to build on.
    • Explain how you feel!
  1. Make a Dream Board. Yes a dream board. Buy a bulletin board from Walmart. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Find pictures that represent your dreams and goals, print or cut them out and pin them on your board.
  2.  Daily Affirmations. Write out Daily AFFIRMATIONS – READ them ALOUD 3x a day… This is so important. Don’t disregard this. Our tongue is powerful. What we speak is powerful. If we complain all the time chances are we aren’t happy. If we speak positively about ourselves and our dreams, ambitions, goals and desires; you will begin to believe them and read them with power, conviction and determination.
  3.  Find a workout partner! Who do you have in your life that you feel comfortable having as an accountability partner? If we are left to our own devices, we will probably give up, go off course…. Having someone to hold you accountable will help especially when you really just don’t feel like doing it.

In Conclusion

At the end of the year, if you didn’t achieve all your goals BUT you didn’t give up and you stuck to your plan, 2016 is another year. Just keep planning year after year. Trust me you will achieve your goals.

Here is a sample list for you to get started with your own affirmations:

Daily Affirmations

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Eric & Tanya K.

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