Everything has a Genesis…. a beginning. After my first-born son was born, I desired more than anything a new beginning.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tanya I live in Oregon and I am married to the beautiful man, Eric in our family photo. We have two amazing, beautiful, witty, and blessed boys!!!

So as I mentioned, I needed, I desired, with everything in me a new beginning. One in which I had choices. Freedom to do what my heart was telling me I needed to do.

I needed to be home with my son. I needed it so bad it hurt. I will never ever, ever forget the feeling I had after he was born. The love that a parent has for their child is so intense, so much greater than anything that I had ever experienced before.

It was so bad; I couldn’t even sleep at night (when he was asleep) because I had to constantly check to make sure he was okay. Any moms out there reading this, can you relate?

I am not going to lie, I was so blessed to be home with him for almost 6 months and trust me when I say, I enjoyed every minute of it because I knew those precious days were numbered, I did.


It wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t okay with him going to day care. I wasn’t okay paying strangers to take care of him. I just wasn’t okay with that.

What was I going to do? Eric and I like everyone else had bills. We relied on both of our incomes to pay our mortgage, car payment, student loans, and everything else.

As the days of my going back to work (elementary school teacher) drew nearer, my panic and anxiety about it all grew and grew. Before I had to go back to work, I made sure to take him to his day care. I did this for a couple of reasons. 1. So I could meet the people who were going to take care of him. 2. To see how he was in the environment.

D-day arrived. I was an absolute emotional mess. I made sure to get my son to day care early so I had plenty of time to stay. The last thing I wanted was to feel rushed leaving him.

I cried and I cried. Left, went to work, and continued to cry. It was a good thing that I was only with my coworkers. Teaching didn’t begin until the following week.

My prayer as I drove to work each and every day was for God to bring me another opportunity. I really wanted it all; I wanted to work from home part-time but with the exact same income I was making as a school teacher……Yeah what I wanted wasn’t really reality, and yet that is what my heart desired.

That entire school year I prayed, I looked for another opportunity. While the crying stopped after a couple of weeks of dropping Eli off at school, my heart still desired to be with him.

I ended up getting pregnant AGAIN oopps definitely not planned. You see, getting pregnant with Eli was challenging to say the least.

So I was working full-time commuting over an hour each way to day care and work, and was pregnant…..

Now was when we really needed a plan B… Still, nothing came up. Every door that seemed to open, shut.

Then one day while at my mom’s, she gave me a bag that was from my aunt. In the bag was a DVD and a brochure. The only thing my mom said to me was that my aunt Teresa is using this amazing new to the market product that has an amazing compensation plan to go along with it.

That was all we needed to hear.

That night after we arrived home from my mom’s, we looked at my aunts website. I remember feeling so excited. In my heart Nerium International felt so so so so right!!! I was so elated, and my wonderful supportive husband was on board with me!!!

That day in November at Thanksgiving, God answered my prayer, he heard me, he knew what I desired better than I knew myself. He gave me the best gift ever……


This was the beginning…. The Genesis….The new direction and path God planned for us to go down……

Faith Small as a Mustard Seed


Eric & Tanya

Dedicated to changing lives one person at a time.


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Tanya K.

“Burned out Elementary Teacher turns Nerium into her dream, of working from home…..” That is right. I am excited to share Nerium's ripple creating opportunity to potential Brand Partners and amazing breakthrough products to potential clients. I welcome you to a new beginning and cheers to looking 10 years younger.

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  1. Amazing story and so true, as I know this wonderful family personally. This business can be worked at home, on the phone, in your pajamas. This company has amazing products that are REAL! A treatment for the face and the body that work, are backed by REAL science, REAL results, REAL clinical and very rigorous data! Nerium international is partnered with a biotechnology company. There are more products in the pipeline that will be released with intentionality! I am now making a residual income that has helped me with my bills and a little extra fun money. Eventually it will replace my full income. I work this very part time. This is not a pyramid scheme and there is no glass top to make what you want!
    Contact Tanya and find out more! She is an amazing person and an amazing leader! It’s not just about this amazing product it’s about making people better and living better life styles! Be your own boss! Come join the Nerium family!

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