End of the School Year

As the school year comes to another close, the intense stress of preparing my students to pass the OAKS assessment is over and I feel a weight has lifted off of my shoulders. Every year for the past 7 years I have felt the exact same relief after testing is done for the year. It’s such a feeling that I am actually able to let loose and have some fun with my students while they still learn.

So, this past Thursday I decided to stream the “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams. Many of my students know the song, which did not surprise me…. by now the world knows the song. I saw the smiles on their faces as one-by-one the students came into the classroom. Some sang a long while others didn’t really know what to think and acted as if nothing was going on (which was really amusing).

I decided, that we would play the song every morning before school begins for the remainder of the year.

Friday morning came and I streamed the song again. Our school counselor came in to the room and said that she loved the song, so I turned it up. Then another teacher came in the room, we all were singing and dancing, as more and more students’ from many other classrooms came in to watch their crazy teacher’s and counselor. Many didn’t know what to think, but there were a lot of students who were drawn to the class. It was a great morning; I danced and sang for 20 solid minutes. Definitely the highlight of my entire school year!

It has now been named my theme song amongst the teachers!

So here is a recent video of my family singing the Happy song!!!!!


I hope this song will be stuck in your head and will make you just want to dance……and be Happy. So regardless of where you are, home, work, get up and DANCE!!

I’m so Happpppy….

Tanya K

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