Chasing Financial FreedomToday as I was thinking about my life and the changes I have gone through, I felt I should share some insight into change. The change i’m talking about is change from the inside out.

Change can be a very uncomfortable process. It can cause a lot of different feelings and emotions. It can cause you to question the new knowledge you are learning and whether or not it’s real. If you have begun to change, there can come a point where you just give up and go back to the person you were comfortable with – but I don’t recommend that.

I can guarantee you that change is a choice – usually an uncomfortable one at that. Change doesn’t come without wanting it and actively pursuing it.

Change. Just as a butterfly goes through a metamorphosis so can you.

You may have been dealing with something your whole life, or have been a certain way, or have had people say to you, “that’s just they way our family is.” But haven’t you ever seen someone break away from the mold? Who stands up and says, “No MORE.”

You see it all begins in our mind our attitude and thoughts. In order to change, you must change the way you think. Let me say that again. In order to change to have any change in your life, you MUST change the way you think. Our thoughts become actions, our actions become words, and our words are what dictate where our lives are headed. If you are constantly tearing yourself a part then your thoughts of yourself are negative. If you are constantly tearing other’s apart, then your thoughts for them are negative.

What are you thinking?

What kind of thoughts are you having?

Chances are if you take a good look at your life it will determine what kinds of thoughts you have.

If you say you don’t measure up, never have and never will. Well people probably treat you like that. And you don’t make choices in your life different than your thoughts. So your perception of your world – the lens you see out of is one of never measuring up.

Am I making any sense?

Action Steps – The How To and Where Do I Even Begin:

  1. Begin changing your thoughts – when thoughts come in. You have a choice to make. You can either agree with that thought or disagree.
  2. When you disagree, be ready with a word that you will speak out loud – yes out loud in disagreement to that thought.
  3. Rinse and repeat. Do it as many times as you need to in order to change your thoughts. In the beginning you will need to do it much more than later on.

I am a huge believer in speaking your future into existence. So find some affirmations, positive statements that are all present tense, write them down, post them at work, in the car, on your bathroom mirror and speak them multiple times a day. Do it until you begin to believe what you’re speaking.

Thats it. You choose whether or not you will retrain your brain.  – It’s your choice. Your brain is a muscle. Begin to challenge it, begin to strength train – because your future self depends on it.

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