Chasing Financial FreedomToday as I was thinking about my life and the changes I have gone through, I felt I should share some insight into change. The change i’m talking about is change from the inside out.

Change can be a very uncomfortable process. It can cause a lot of different feelings and emotions. It can cause you to question the new knowledge you are learning and whether or not it’s real. If you have begun to change, there can come a point where you just give up and go back to the person you were comfortable with – but I don’t recommend that.

I can guarantee you that change is a choice – usually an uncomfortable one at that. Change doesn’t come without wanting it and actively pursuing it.

Change. Just as a butterfly goes through a metamorphosis so can you.

You may have been dealing with something your whole life, or have been a certain way, or have had people say to you, “that’s just they way our family is.” But haven’t you ever seen someone break away from the mold? Who stands up and says, “No MORE.”

You see it all begins in our mind our attitude and thoughts. In order to change, you must change the way you think. Let me say that again. In order to change to have any change in your life, you MUST change the way you think. Our thoughts become actions, our actions become words, and our words are what dictate where our lives are headed. If you are constantly tearing yourself a part then your thoughts of yourself are negative. If you are constantly tearing other’s apart, then your thoughts for them are negative.

What are you thinking?

What kind of thoughts are you having?

Chances are if you take a good look at your life it will determine what kinds of thoughts you have.

If you say you don’t measure up, never have and never will. Well people probably treat you like that. And you don’t make choices in your life different than your thoughts. So your perception of your world – the lens you see out of is one of never measuring up.

Am I making any sense?

Action Steps – The How To and Where Do I Even Begin:

  1. Begin changing your thoughts – when thoughts come in. You have a choice to make. You can either agree with that thought or disagree.
  2. When you disagree, be ready with a word that you will speak out loud – yes out loud in disagreement to that thought.
  3. Rinse and repeat. Do it as many times as you need to in order to change your thoughts. In the beginning you will need to do it much more than later on.

I am a huge believer in speaking your future into existence. So find some affirmations, positive statements that are all present tense, write them down, post them at work, in the car, on your bathroom mirror and speak them multiple times a day. Do it until you begin to believe what you’re speaking.

Thats it. You choose whether or not you will retrain your brain.  – It’s your choice. Your brain is a muscle. Begin to challenge it, begin to strength train – because your future self depends on it.

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Tanya K.

I’m Back

Book Lilacs

Yep….I’m Back……

For those of you who are new to my blog…..WELCOME – Please make yourself at home!!!

It’s been a long time since I have blogged. The other day I shared our blog with a friend of mine, put myself out there and became vulnerable. It’s one thing to have all of you on the internet who I don’t know read my blog, but it’s a whole other thing when it’s someone you know.

So I figured, if I am sharing this with her, I better go back and actually re-read some of my entries. WOW. Some of them, I ask myself, ‘how’d you manage to write that?’

I went on to share with my friend that I actually really never enjoyed writing. As a school teacher I obviously had to teach writing, I never enjoyed teaching the subject much. Again it was just another area in my life where I lacked confidence in my ability to write. Naturally, where you don’t have confidence, you choose not to do it.

BUT…. Eric and I created a blog. With a blog comes the need to write. Right…..

And….I have written A LOT since we have created this blog A LOT….Some of those entries are no longer published.

BUT….I lost my desire to write this past 5 or so months for reasons I don’t feel comfortable sharing. However, I am inspired to write again. Thank you to my dear dear friend who encouraged me to keep writing, for your kind words are the kick in the butt I needed. Coupled with going back and reading my past posts, my husband who kindly prompts me to write and to those of you who are following me.

As I mentioned, I went back and read a few posts mainly my last two… Settling and Limitations and the Settling entry is what caused me to tear up. For Eric and I truly have been on a journey of Epic Faith. Learning to take the limits off or our lives. Learning that ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING.

Life for everyone is a journey. What we do with it – is our choice. How we live this life – is our choice. Everyday we have choices to make. Everyday.

So much of my life has been so self absorbed. So wrapped up in myself that I really had no thoughts or desires to encourage, support and love other’s… As our journey of growth over the past 2 years has continued, Eric & I are less absorbed with ourselves and more interested in finding ways we can inspire, love, help others. To bring about change in the minds of individual people. To bring about change in the way people do business. To bring change in the way we treat others. To bring change to those who are hungry for more.

Through my stories, I truly hope it stirs some emotions in your heart. It brings about the beginning of change in your life. And in turn you will begin your own journey of taking the limits off of your life.

Thank you for stopping by,

Eric & Tanya K.



traffic-sign-108779_640As I mentioned in my previous post about limitations, I began to loose that confidence and determination as I grew up. Slowly I began to let other thoughts of not being good enough, anger, stubbornness, lack of confidence, and fear, limit my potential. As time went on I began settling. I didn’t know it then, had no idea actually. But as I have grown over the past two years, I know that I was my own worst enemy.

Don’t get me wrong, my childhood wasn’t horrible but I did have some issues in my day-to-day life of relationships with my parents, more specifically my dad. I now know, I allowed (without knowing it) him to have power over my thoughts. I allowed the relationship between him and I, or should I say the lack of a relationship, define how I felt about others. It affected my daily choices.

It was what kept me from making connections with people. It is what made me keep a wall up so I wouldn’t get hurt. It is why I was uncomfortable around men. That is where my victim mentality came from. As a result, I was afraid of men, intimidated by them, and had major anxiety talking to men. At all costs, I kept my distance from men.

For the record, my dad, is not to blame. He did the best he knew with the knowledge and tools he had. He had a pretty bad childhood himself, so I know mine was better than his. We just clashed, I pushed his buttons even though I was afraid of him. He had a bad temper, and threw off the balance in our home, when he was home (which fortunately for me he wasn’t home much). Again, my dad did the best he could, and I reacted the only way I new how too with the lack of knowledge and tools that I had.

It was that experience growing up, that defined who I once was. It wasn’t until I myself slowly grew more confident that the fear of men left. It was with me up until my early 20’s. Even though the fear of men left, I was still stuck in that mindset that began from an early age. That way of thinking, has caused a lot of grief in my life. A lot of grief. It led to more severe anxiety’s, arguments with my husband, and a prison that I had no idea how to get out of.

I now know without a shadow of a doubt, the story I tell myself is very different. I have escaped my prison. I am confident, I do make lasting friendships, I am not a victim. I can talk to men without fear, and on and on and on.

This process of changing my mind, or as I like to say renewing my mind, has been a journey. Constantly feeding my mind what I want my mind to think about, which a lot of times is the exact opposite of what I really thought. It was a slow and sometimes painful process. It took commitment on my part. Even in those times that I didn’t feel like it, I made sure I renewed my mind.

In Network Marketing we call them daily affirmations. So I began telling myself every day OUT LOUD what I wanted to be, who I wanted to be. Who I wanted to attract. This was just one of the tools I learned as this process of renewing my mind began. Other tools I used and still use, will be revealed in later posts.

Some of my affirmations I would say are: I am confident, I am successful, I am a network marketing professional, I attract other confident people. I actually have 100 affirmations written down. While I don’t say them every day, there was a time when I would say a minimum of 10 affirmations three times a day. When I first woke up, around lunch time, and before bed. Every time I said them it was out loud.

In the moment of doing them, I never thought they had any effect on me. It would have been very easy for me not to do them at all. Especially since it kind of seemed silly to be saying these statements as if I already am all of those things, but not really believing it.

However, I stayed committed to my affirmations, because I emulated what other successful people that I work with do. So this process of saying affirmations each day continued without no real change seeming to manifest. But it’s because the renewing of your mind is a slow process, one where you must change your subconscious thoughts first.

Over time, I slowly began to actually believe the affirmations I told myself. I began to have a shift in my thinking, it was gradual, but there was a shift. Now while I still say my affirmations, I rely more heavily on other ways to renew my mind. In light of all this, I am no longer in that prison I spoke about, I no longer believe the story I once told myself about who I was. I now believe all my affirmations and so much more.

The Beginning of Change Comes With 4 Simple Steps:

This is just the beginning of change. It’s not a one size fits all, but it fits me.

1. What’s really important to you. This is where you realize there is more to your life, if you want more. If you have the desire to change. Whether it’s paying off debt, more freedom in your daily life, daily choices, your own business, going back to school.

2. Going after it. At all costs, go after what is important to you.  Once you know what’s important, go after it. Don’t quit. Don’t let other’s stand in your way. Go after what is important to you.

3. Awareness. You must ask yourself some serious and maybe even difficult questions. Who am I? Who do I say I am? What do I say I can do? What do I say I can’t do? Write the answers down. Also this awareness, will be a process in itself, as you choose to grow and gather more tools and acquire new knowledge.

4. Aaaahaaa. Realizing that the story you tell yourself in step 3 may be what is holding you back from realizing what is most important. Limiting you from being able to go after it. Keeping you from being successful while you are going after it.

Success IS a mindset. If you are not finding success in what you are doing, make sure you ask yourself what you really think about yourself. You may be shocked to realize who you say you are your thoughts about what you want to do are limiting your own success.

Eric & Tanya K.

Dedicated to changing lives one person at a time.




As Eric & I have found success, it hasn’t come easy. It has come at a price. The price we have paid has far outweighed any other journey I would ever choose to go down.

Peeling back the layers, upon layers, upon layers of the story we told ourselves has been the most challenging part to finding success. This journey has been largely just realizing that in order to succeed, we must take off the limits of the story we tell ourselves each and every day. Realizing there doesn’t have to be limitations to what we can accomplish.

I can personally say that I have grown more in the past two years then I have in all my previous 30 or so years…..What started this journey of growth? Nerium….. Yes Nerium….But if I want to get really honest about it. I desired more from my life before Nerium, I just wasn’t equipped with the tools or knowledge of knowing how to be more, how to have more. I don’t mean have more in terms of money either. Just have more, more opportunities, just more from life…..

Then Nerium walked in and part of the commitment when becoming a partner with Nerium, is to become a better version of yourself. This is when I discovered, personal development. It was an entirely new concept to me. I realize now how much people in this world need personal development. I realize too, how many people just like me have no idea what this really means, or how it can positively change the course of their lives once this journey begins. I find myself questioning why personal development isn’t really talked about much in our society. We just go around living our lives, but are we really happy? I don’t know about you, but before personal development entered my life, I found myself wondering if this is all there is.

I am excited to say that I once wanted more, desired more. But again it had to be a burning desire because it would have been easier for me to have given up.

For those of you who don’t know me, there is one thing you need to know.


Your talking about the girl, the same girl who taught herself how to ride a 2-wheel bike because her mom was too busy to help her. Let me take you back to a day in the life of Tanya.

It was a Saturday morning, my dad had just left for work (he was a truck driver). While he had been home he had worked with me on learning to ride my bike. Once he left, I wanted to continue to practice and so I asked my mom to help me. She was too busy and told me to wait. So being the determined girl I was and still am today, I decided I would just do it myself…. And that I did.

Yes I taught myself how to ride a 2-wheel bike.

Did I fall? YES. Did I quit? NO.

I got back up over and over and over again because I had a burning desire. I wanted to learn how to ride my bike and I was determined to keep going until I learned. It didn’t matter how many times I fell, or how bruised I became. I new the end goal and I wasn’t going to stop until I succeeded.

Did I learn to ride my bike? YES. It didn’t take me two weeks, one week, or even two days. I got back up over and over and over again that day until I learned to balance.

As I grew up, I lost that part of me. She slowly left, I was still determined, but it was more in wanting my own way. Being right. But not going after what I really wanted. I lost the oomph. I lost that determination. It wasn’t until my first son was born that, that same determination I had as a young girl came back. That is when I knew that there had to be more. That was when I began looking, searching for a new direction. I was at a fork in the rode. I knew which way I wanted to go but had no vehicle to take me there.

In the midst of all this, I found my vehicle and my purpose.

Tanya K.


Life Is A Journey

Train Tracks Journey

Each and every morning since I gave up coffee, I drink a cup of hot tea. I have never been much of a tea person but I guess I am hooked now. I enjoy reading the inspirational quotes on the paper label that my favorite brand includes.

One particular morning while drinking my hot tea, I read this quote. Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey – by Deiter F. Uchtdorf. This quote stood out to me more than most of the quotes do. You see, I have been a prime example of this. Always focused on the finish line and not enjoying the journey. I have so many examples of this in my own life but wanted to share just a couple with you.

Let me take you back to high school! I went to a very small high school. My graduating class was right around 100. It was my senior year, The year when all of us senior’s were the oldest in the school, everyone looked up to us. I couldn’t wait to become a senior and yet as soon as I was one, I was ready to graduate and move on. I skipped school my senior year. I was pretty much checked out. I had all of my required classes done so my senior year was full of electives. While I did enjoy my senior prom, among other activities, and some of my electives (because I was able to choose them), I could have enjoyed that year more had I been focused more on the daily journey. This quote really has shown me that I have always been in a hurry to get to the next point in my life and high school is one of those moments that really stand out.

Fast forward to my adult years. As I reflected on my journey, I have found that in my past, I really didn’t enjoy my day-to-day life because I wanted more. I think about how many days I lost. It was almost like my life was on hold for many years because what I wanted hadn’t happened yet. My fears were holding me back. It was almost like I was a prisoner, wanting more, being unsatisfied and yet unable to move forward. The other huge factor is, I was unaware that I was limiting my own journey in life. I didn’t even know there was more.

All I can think is, I wish that I knew then what I know now. Each and every day is a blessed day. Each and every day there is a whole world at my finger tips. Each and every day, I interact with others, I can influence, and impact those around me.

Each and every day we all have a choice to make. We either enjoy this journey through our life. Or choose to let fear, not being satisfied, or simply being in too big of a hurry to get to the next point, to rule over our lives.

I have to say that this quote really inspired me. It made me think about my life. It made me think about our blog. Life truly is a journey. One where we will all encounter ups and downs, highs and lows. I am committed to making the most out of the every day journey of my life. Instead of not being satisfied, I choose to be satisfied. Instead of being unhappy, I choose happiness. We all can enjoy more from this journey, if we think of it as a journey where every day matters.

I would like to leave you with this. Who can you touch today? Who can you bless? Who can you just give a simple smile too? A word of encouragement? When we realize life is a journey and every human on this earth is on their own journey, our lives meet, connect, intersect even if for a moment, how can we influence them, how can we become a positive part of their life’s journey?

Thank you,

Eric & Tanya K.



Everything has a Genesis…. a beginning. After my first-born son was born, I desired more than anything a new beginning.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tanya I live in Oregon and I am married to the beautiful man, Eric in our family photo. We have two amazing, beautiful, witty, and blessed boys!!!

So as I mentioned, I needed, I desired, with everything in me a new beginning. One in which I had choices. Freedom to do what my heart was telling me I needed to do.

I needed to be home with my son. I needed it so bad it hurt. I will never ever, ever forget the feeling I had after he was born. The love that a parent has for their child is so intense, so much greater than anything that I had ever experienced before.

It was so bad; I couldn’t even sleep at night (when he was asleep) because I had to constantly check to make sure he was okay. Any moms out there reading this, can you relate?

I am not going to lie, I was so blessed to be home with him for almost 6 months and trust me when I say, I enjoyed every minute of it because I knew those precious days were numbered, I did.

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I am sharing my heart with all of you who read this……

At Nerium International’s October conference, we were blessed to have John C. Maxwell as one of our guest speakers. He was absolutley amazing to say the least……..

I have been reading THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP written by him. Earlier today I had a rare moment to myself while Eric took the boys on a walk. I decide to grab my book and read the 11th law, The Law of The Inner Circle.. 

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Wilma Rudolph

I found this quote the other day; “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” -Wilma Rudolph.

This quote particularly caught my attention. For the past two years, I have read aloud the book called Wilma Unlimited to my third grade students, when we were studying biographies. Wilma’s story is a story of determination and a burning desire. For those of you who don’t know the story read on while I share.


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Impossible Or I’M-Possible?

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

—Audrey Hepburn

The question posed on the subject line, may create many more questions and may bring curiosity to the mind. You may be asking what is this about and am I impossible or I’m-possible.

You see, my husband and I have had to have a mental reality check…seriously. This may sound as some sort of mumbo jumbo but if you are open to bearing with me, you will find out why.

We have realized that with our business, family life, social, and spiritual life the one factor that plays an enormous part of any decision, feeling, emotion, or reaction for that matter of fact is our mind. What we perceive as possible in our mind, what we speak, refreshes us even if it doesn’t come to pass.

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Our Nerium Team Vision

When I think of what it means to be a Nerium Brand Partner, I think of what Cecil Beaton, The Academy Award Winning Designer And Photographer once said, “Be daring, be different, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers….”

For a while there my husband and I had been talking about putting together a vision statement for ourselves and our Nerium business. When we started with Nerium, my husband wrote on our bathroom mirror,

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