Father’s Day

In honor of my husband and on my children’s behalf…….I just want to say…..



If my kids could speak, they would say that they love that their dad spends time playing, hugging, kissing, teaching, talking, and praying with them. Our oldest just waits for his dad to come home at night with such anticipation! And the youngest get’s so happy he smiles and shakes with excitement at the first sight of his dad!

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Embarrassing Facts

Here is a recent photo of my family and I hanging out in our backyard!


I realized today that a visitor coming to my blog might want to know a little more about me.

Like really.

I will list stuff that may sound cheesy or make you go “oh my” but hey don’t judge.

Here it goes in no particular order:

1. Birthdays. Every year for as long as I can remember my mom has been making my brother and I home made MarionBerry Pie! For those of you who have never heard of the MarionBerry, it is only grown in Marion county in Oregon!

2. My great uncle. The MarionBerry’s I was talking about…My great uncle is a MarionBerry farmer, has been for many many years. Every year my mom and aunts go and pick the remaining MarionBerry’s!!!!!

3. Jelly. Growing up we had fresh MarionBerry jelly, MarionBerry syrup, and my absolute favorite MarionBerry pie! My brother and I never wanted a birthday cake on our birthday’s. We always wanted a MarionBerry pie, even to this day we still get MarionBerry pie made for us on our birthday’s! It is our own special tradition. My mom knows how to bake them too. Warmed up with some vanilla ice-cream mmmmmmmmmmmm.

4. Favorite summer pizza. It’s from Papa Murphy’s can you say The Taco Pizza! Yep they only make it during the summer season and it is of course in my opinion, the best! Just a few weeks ago I was driving by our local Papa Murphy’s and saw the advertisement in the window, can you say excited!

5. Thanksgiving. Spent at the Oregon Coast. My home away from home. We have been renting the same house since I was around 15. There is usually around 12-20 people who stay at the house and we all arrive on Wednesday night. We catch up, play games, shop at the Outlet Mall, and you guessed it eat.

6. Games. Whenever we are together, we love to sit around the table and play games!

7. Vacation. My perfect place to go on vacation. Anywhere tropical. Give me the blue green warm ocean water, white sandy beaches, with Palm trees as far as the eye can see and that is what I call a little piece of heaven on Earth!

8. Palm Trees. I have always wanted a palm tree in my yard….. We don’t exactly live in the best climate for growing palm trees, but someday, I know that there will be a Palm tree in our front yard.

9. Hair. This may sound weird, but I love love love running my fingers through both of my kids curly hair, especially my oldest. Only because his hair is very long and so tightly curled. It is absolutely beautiful . We have complemented him so much on his hair that when we say he looks handsome, he touches his hair! The youngest one is following in his foot-steps, his hair is getting longer and thicker, and is curly too.

10. Being a kid…..Really. I love just letting loose and being a kid. It is such a blessing to have two amazing little boys. Each of them is so unique and yet they have this amazing sibling bond that is priceless. I love just hanging out with them and playing with them. They make each other laugh and it is contagious!! Oh how I love the sound of laughter! What was my life like without kids?

11. Kenya. I was never one to travel to other countries until I went to Kenya, Cancun and does Tijuana count? It will be 8 years this March that I was blessed to be able to go to Kenya for the first time. I was still in college and went during spring break. I got to spread my wings and experience another culture. The Kenyan people are so warm, inviting, and loving. I was overwhelmed by the generosity and love that I felt while there.

12. Cancun. Well we flew into Cancun but stayed about an hour away. This was our last trip as a married couple without kids. It was an amazing experience! We woke up every-day went to eat, hung out on the beach all day, snorkeled, laid back in the lounge chairs on the beach drinking Mai Tai’s, without a care in the world! Oh and I was surrounded by….. Palm Trees!

13. Singing. I absolutely love singing regardless of what anyone thinks.

14. Swing Set. Growing up I had an old metal swing-set. I would stand on the metal crossbar, put my mouth up to the hollow metal pipe, and yep you guessed it, I would sing at the top of my lungs. Of course at the time I didn’t realize that EVERYONE in my neighborhood could hear me.

15. Changing Live. Being a teacher at a Title 1 school….. pretty much sums it up.

16. Dancing. Watching my kids dance! It is so cute to see my oldest son dance to music! and the youngest who still can’t walk, sits and moves the upper half of his body up and down to the music!!! I love the times when we are all dancing and singing along to whatever song that we are listening to at the time!

17. Guilty Pleasures. I love chocolate specifically Snickers, Jamocha Almond Fudge ice-cream and doughnuts!

18. Public Speaking. I can talk in front of children any day, but ask me to speak in front of adults………. I say no thank you. It is my worst nightmare. In college I made sure I didn’t take a speech class that required me to get up in front of the class and speak. I have to say, I am a tad bit better than I used to be, but for some reason I just freeze up, forget my words, and literally go blank. yeah not fun.

19. Rain. The smell in the air right before it rains…. Yep I am an Oregonian and I love me some rain. Yes I actually miss the rain, how pathetic I know but I do. The smell the air has right before it begins raining……….ahhhh love it!

20. Movies. I love putting on a movie, laying down on the couch with a blanket. I watch the first 10 to 15 minutes and fall asleep.

21. Naps. I have always liked naps and I still do…… I could take one every day.

Tanya K.





Nerium Brand Partner Pyramid Scheme?

Calling You, The Potential Nerium Brand Partner

Listen…….You have probably heard it or wondered or doubted whether Nerium is a pyramid scheme. Well, “I used to care about what people think until I tried to pay my bills with their thoughts”…… go figure no wonder I am stuck in my unhappy rut… really??? How can this be, how did I allow this to happen? Since when did people dictate who I am what I am and where I am heading. Is it …… is it ….. is it really ….. YES it is…

nerium-brand-partner, nerium canada

Time to break out, move past these nay sayers and those who want to hold me back, I have a fire in me that cannot be extinguished by mere words.

Look, I may have been down but I am still standing. I may have fallen but look at me, I am walking keep watching, do you see … I am running.

How can I speak with this confidence? Did I really shed the scales of defeat? I am no longer a victim of those who are victims themselves and need a classmate to be with them.

Be gone I tell you…. I am taking a new direction. An ultimate step that realizes that I have a weapon as it is said “words are like arrows watch where I shoot them with the bow of my mouth”

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