Renewing Our Mind

Chasing Financial Freedom - Words Have PowerHere it is the middle of the night. I’m wide awake and can’t go back to sleep. I have lots of thoughts running through my mind and each time I try to just focus on God and what He might be speaking to me, my mind jumps from thought to thought. Nothing negative but thoughts. Thoughts that are taking away from God who I’m sure is trying desperately to break through. That is when it dawned on me, God speaks to me through writing – not always of course, but there has been some significant insight in my life when I write.

I began thinking about my Sunday night group. God. My mind.

This blog entry, while seen by more than 10 strangers every day, is dedicated to a certain group in my life – You know who you are!! While I don’t specifically mention God in most of my posts – today I am.

It’s literally 4:40am right now and I have been up for 50 minutes. I am sitting in the dark on my couch busting out this post because I think God is speaking to me but not just to me to all of you reading this. Especially my Sunday night group.

As I was lying in bed for the 40 minutes prior, trying to focus on God and thank Him for all He has done for me – the big picture of Jesus and Holy Spirit, I then began to thank Him for daily blessings – some I know, while others go unnoticed. My blog in general focuses a lot on our minds and this one will be right up the same ally.

Question to all of you reading this. What is one area of your life you want to change? If you’re like me, you could write a list of things down. But what is one area that you really want to change? If you really sit back and think about it, that area in your life that you want changed – the problem stems from your mind. From the way you think.

Whatever area it is I challenge you to get a word from the bible. What word are you standing on? Do you know? If not, WHY? Why don’t you know? Get a word from the bible and speak it OUT LOUD every day against that area. Meditate on it, I guarantee, that word will become a part of you. You will become so rooted and grounded in that word that it will never leave you. It will be yours for the rest of your life. Your weapon to speak when you need it the most.

I challenge you to really become aware of your thoughts. For we must realize what is coming in, in order to stand on the word in the first place.

One area of my life, is not feeling loved. Ephesians 3:17-20 are my verses for that area. For if I truly knew and understood the depth, width, length, and height of the love that Jesus has for me, I would never feel un loved.

Another area of my life is having a hardened heart towards God. My word is Ezekiel 32:26. That I have a heart of flesh.

What is the area in your life? What word are you standing on? What are you doing with that word? Are you speaking that word out loud against that area?

The depth to which we renew our minds, is the depth to which we benefit from the word of God in our lives. The more we focus on Him, the more our lives change. The more our lives change, the bigger the light we have. The bigger our light becomes the more of an impact we have on those who we encounter each and every day. That is what Jesus has called us to do.

We have been called to be the salt of the Earth. How many of us never get there? How many of us go through the motions of life? How many of us have no clue HOW to be the light?

We go through life focused on our mistakes and inadequacies, rather than who God sees us as.

How we become the light for the world, is determined by how willing we are to renew our minds. Do we love Him enough to spend time with Him daily? To allow Him in. To allow Him/His word to change us from the inside out?

Our brain is a muscle – powerful. It’s about time we begin using it for the word of God. Exercise it with the word of God – not worldly things.

Faith and trust in God – it’s small steps. Documenting every step of the way so as never to forget. Don’t let the enemy come in and steal, kill, and destroy the work God has done in your life, because you don’t write it down.

Write it down – use your journal. Write them down. When the storms come, you should be able to go back to your journal and read how God has shown up in your life.

I write this for myself more than all of you. Do I love God enough to let Him in every day? Do I? Or do I choose to push Him away? Do I focus on His word and meditate on those words? Do I love worldly things more than the giver of life?

One last thing before I close. What saddens me is this. I was so so negative not too long ago. I didn’t even know I was. Unfortunately – but fortunately Nerium International of all things is the seed God used in my life to get me to change the way I think. My stinkin’ thinkin’ – It had to go.

What do influential, successful people focus on? They are focusing on success – not limiting themselves, and speaking their future into existence.

How much more should we be doing this, His children. We have the secret weapon. We have it. The word of God. We take it for granted. We don’t understand the depth of power it has. Because if we did. We would be unstoppable. If we did, we would be meditating on His word every minute of every day because it is Spirit and it is Life……

Let’s begin to understand and realize our thoughts. Let’s begin to fight back – with the most powerful weapon of all – THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!!