Nerium EHT

Welcome to our blog!! We are Eric & Tanya K. You probably stumbled on our page because you have heard the buzz about EHT!!!! We would like to bring awareness to you about the magnitude of what this product means to everyone who has a brain.

Nerium InternationalEHT. What is it?

It’s Nerium’s new anti-aging supplement. This isn’t just any other supplement, it is a breakthrough product that comes to Nerium after 20 years of research from Dr. Jeffry Stock a Princeton University professor & Signum Biosciences.

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How to Succeed in Nerium

Success is a mindset.

If you partner with Nerium, then your mindset MUST be of success. This business is so so so simple but not always easy. Again our system IS simple…..

Be coachable. Number 1 you must must must, listen to your sponsor. They know more than you do. We can’t do the work for you, you must take our advice seriously. It is okay to communicate how you are feeling about certain things.

Training/welcome call. Absolutely without any question, completing the New Brand Partner Training is the FIRST step towards success. I expect a new Brand Partner to complete it in the first 24 hours. A welcome call is also very important so the new person in the organization is welcomed. They feel a connection with someone other than their sponsor.Nerium International

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Nerium Brand Partner YEP Program

Nerium International launched it’s Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) in 2013. Since then so many Yepper’s have joined this amazing company. Note this program is only for those who desire an amazing financial opportunity and a flexible schedule!


It is exclusively for those who are between the ages of 18-24, however if you are 25 or older, you won’t be considered a Yepper but you can still have EVERYTHING this company has to offer. Click here to see the Nerium Brand Partner Page.

If you are committed to excellence, open to new opportunities, and personal growth. If you want to live “the good life” and work for a company that is truly unique, and I mean unique, then this is the answer for you.

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