2014 Reflection

End of Year Reflection

As 2014 comes to an end, I have decided to have some reflection time on the past year. It is New Years Eve……Eric is home early and spending time with our boys. I am in a quiet place reflecting…..



We wanted to share a little bit about our 2014 with all of you!


E&T Year in Review:

January/February 2014. I went back to work for the first time that school year, I had been on maternity leave. Both boys were home with their grandma and so it was much more comforting knowing they were with family. Jayden still didn’t sleep through the night and had a very hard time taking naps, and just being put down at all. He just always needed to be held. So so so grateful that he was with grandma and not in day care for he was truly truly a very very difficult baby to take care of.

Spring. Elijah turned 2 in March!!!! We can’t believe how fast 2 years went by. We had a Thomas The Train themed party. Elijah had a personalized Jet plane cake; he is in LOVE with planes. There were friends and family here to celebrate with us.

Easter. We spent Easter at Tanya’s mom’s house. Also went to the annual Easter Egg hunt in our town. It was Elijah and Jayden’s very first Easter egg hunt! We had so much fun. We went in a Fire Engine – one of Elijah’s favorite vehicles! Walked around and enjoyed all of the activity. Mother’s day we went out to breakfast with Eric’s mom then we went to church, from there we went to Tanya’s mom’s house!! It was Eric’s mom’s first Mothers Day in the US!

Tanya’s birthday. It usually falls on Memorial Day weekend. So this year Eric and I went away for a couple nights. It was a much-needed break from the daily grind. It was a time of connecting, setting goals, and growing! This month Tanya turned in her resignation letter to her boss. It felt AMAZING!!! To know that she would be home with the boys now full-time!

Summer. How liberating, Tanya no longer feels stuck…..It was the worst feeling ever, she felt so helpless……she said goodbye to all her coworkers and began the summer!!! School’s out for summer!!!!! For Tanya, School’s out FOREVER!!!!! While I will miss the kids I taught and loved on, my heart needed to be home to raise my kids.

Jayden turned 1. Wow what a first year for Jayden… He has had some challenges physically, which was the cause of him being so unhappy and always needing to be held. It was a very nice birthday my Grandpa and his wife were able to be here for it along with a family friend of Eric and his mom!!! Man did he love his cake! We ate outside on the deck and he literally plastered himself with his cake. We all enjoyed the day!

August. We found a Doctor for Jayden and we started going this month!! As of August, the only thing he was able to do is sit, sit on his bottom and scoot… He couldn’t crawl, didn’t like being on his tummy, couldn’t get on all 4’s, was unable to pull himself into a standing position. Mind you he is 1.. Well come to find out, he has no reflexes in his whole body. You know the way the doctor hits your knees, elbow, etc. and that body part automatically moves. Yeah Jayden didn’t have that. He had no tone…..His problems were all neurological. For some reason his brain was unable to make those connections that it needed for his body to develop and work. I still don’t fully understand it all BUT…….Dr. Boothby has been the BIGGEST blessing to Jayden!! We think that this was all a result of his positioning in the womb.

Fall. All the teachers and kids went back to school. This is when it really hit me (Tanya) that I am home with our boys!!! Jayden is making progress but it is slow. He goes to Dr. Boothby about every 2 weeks and she does adjustments, gives me exercises to do with him at home. By November/December, he is no longer FLOPPY!!!!! He has muscle, reflexes are working!!! He can crawl, pull himself to standing and can even take a few steps on his own. He has come along way in just 5 short months!!! We have spoken healing over him every day and we thank God for his blessings. We celebrated Eric’s birthday by going out to dinner together!!

December 2014. Favorite words out of the mouths of babes: love you mama, love you dada, thank you, work, I do mama, No, no no, up, up (their word for airplane), dada, mama, moon, stars, yes (I wish you could hear Jayden say it he sounds so adorable), jet, blue jet  (they got a blue jet for Christmas!), runway, football jet, me eat, hot cocoa, treat, and of course many other words, many of which we can’t even understand.

In closing. Our family is very active!! Two boys under 3 life can be hectic. We enjoy our children and the new discoveries that take place every day. Elijah is beginning to sing, Jayden joins in. Jayden has really began talking and has quite a large vocabulary…….Tonight December 31st!! He was taking more than just a couple steps!!!!!!!

Realization. One thing I have come to realize this year is: How important it is for all of us to work on being better people. I (Tanya) am committed to working on myself each and every day. Knowing that each day I will be better then the day before. I love that Eric is on board too!!!


Eric & Tanya

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