Changing lives…

We believe that everyone has an opportunity to achieve more than what they currently are. As a Nerium International Brand Partner our purpose and vision is to create lasting relationships, have fun, experience personal growth and have financial and time freedom.

Make sure to click on our blog to read the articles of our own journey of faith, we hope you connect with them, gain insight from them in your own life’s journey. Our desire is to create awareness of how we all can achieve so much more in our lives and relationships with others.

If like us, you have a similar vision, a commitment to change lives and create relationships, all while having fun we invite you to team up with us. We are on the ride of our lives and we have an amazing team of friends, family and many new friends who are taking this journey through life and faith with us.

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Eric and Tanya are dedicated to creating ripples of change all over the world, one person at a time!

Eric and Tanya K.